Intermind Inc. company profile in English

【What is Intermind?】

Interactive Thinking Mind


Intermind is a specialized manufacturer that develops prototypes of custom electronic equipment.
"Measure, think, connect" is realized with a unique idea to meet customer requirements.
Please contact us for anything you want to make.


We will embody our customers' new ideas, support your development design through manufacturing.
By using custom products that match your company's value, you can lead to high-value work.
That will increase your value and change the way you work.
It is our pleasure to provide and support such electronic. equipment.


Sensors capture all phenomena, process analogs that humans feel as they are, and digital signal
processing and interfaces expand the world. We will continue to challenge with many development
achievements in a wide range of fields.

【Company Profile】

Company name : Intermind Inc.
Main office : 4-27-30 Hiyoshi-honchou, Kouhoku-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa 223-0062
Head office : 2-64-4-2104 Hiyoshi-honchou, Kouhoku-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa 223-0062
Email :


President and CEO : Kiyoshi Arai
Established : June 12, 1990
Capital : 10 million
Main business : All development, design, manufacturing, testing and technical support related to electronic equipment and system equipment.
Number of employees : 4
Main Bank : Mizuho Bank Hiyoshi Branch

【Clients customer】

Hitachi, Ltd. Healthcare Business Unit
Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.
Kyosan Electric Mfg. Co., Ltd.
JAXA(Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)
Sony Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation.
NF Corporation
Sony Global Manufacturing & Operations Corporation
Panasonic Life Solutions Company.
Hitachi, Ltd. Hitachi Research Laboratory
Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd.
NIMS(National Institute for Materials Science)
NSK Ltd.
Cmet Inc.
The University of Tokyo
Seiko Instruments Inc.
Miyazaki Canon Inc.
Nagano Japan Radio Co., Ltd.
FUJIFILM Corporation
Showa Seiko Co., Ltd.
Dexerials Corporation
ENAX, Inc.
Toyo Electronics Corporation
Aco Co.,LTD

【Representative Director Biography】

Graduated from the University of Electro-Communications
Joined NF Corporation. developing and designing custom-made measuring instruments.
Research computer graphics at the Tokyo Institute of Technology (Dispatch Researcher)
Translated book “Analog Filter Design (Chapter 5 Biquad Circuit)” (Sanpo Publishing)
Joined Arai Denki Co.,Ltd. Developed and designed telephones, communication equipment and tester
Later, established Intermind Inc.
IEICE member Acoustical Society of Japan member

【Development results (excerpts)】

Tool brittle damage detector
Leak detector
Analog filter for pseudo voice
Pressure sensor processing device
FM demodulator
PLL clock multiplier module
Fuel cell portable terminal DC / DC power supply module
LCD signal extension drive circuit
USB3.0 board
Voice module board for deep sea training
Waveform generator for laser
Compact micro crack detector
Module tarp digital filter
Synthesizer oscillator for power amplifier
Monju signal pre-processing equipment
LED head drive device
Impedance tester
120MHz clock synthesizer
AE detector for civil engineering
Arbitrary waveform variable phase locked oscillator
Learning type remote control device
Telephone network control device
Waveform analysis DDS board
USB logic analyzer
Collision force detector
DSP signal processing system for LCD film
Beam scan controller
Rotating shaft vibration abnormality detection device
Highly reliable CPU board for inverter system
Ethernet communication analog signal acquisition device
DDS frequency sweep generator
Precision sound level meter
Lithium-ion battery management module board
3-phase power meter
3-phase signal generator
Axle detection signal processing board
Quartz thermometer test equipment
Wireless communication firmware for gas meter
Bill recognition device DSP program
Automatic stamping device firmware
DVD player Sound field effect DSP program
Solar cell simulation power application software
Professional audio effector
Professional audio mixer
DJ equipment
Small automatic water leak detector firmware
4CH AE signal processor (with FFT function)
Wearable module Bluetooth control power supply
Pressure measurement system for model airplane
Ultrasonic leak bubble detection system
Camera image processing leak bubble detection system
CAN communication battery control firmware
3D printer control hardware
Resolver simulation control device